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To Find a Good Kids Dentist in Sugar Land

Sugar land is where we have settled down and stay happily with our cozy little family! When we moved in we were worried. The place was new and we had growing kids; one still an infant. As we had moved in from city with which we were not only familiar but it was really well connected and self sufficient full of kind, and helpful people, good public transportation, and doctors etc we were really so comfortable, we never thought we'd move. But like they say, everything comes with an expiry date!


It was time to move to Sugar land and what worried us most was good doctors for our kids who were growing up and getting sick all of a sudden. The little one was teething and it gave us nightmare to think how we will manage without a good Kids dentist in Sugar Land because we had undergone experience with our older one when he was teething. It is trying time for any parent. But to our surprise we found one sooner than we expected.


Actually when we observed the neighborhood closely we kind of had a feeling we will not have problems finding a doctor or dentist for kids because we saw many kids in the park nearby. Eventually as I started to get to know other parents I made an effort to check and consult other parents about Pediatricians and Kids dentist in Sugar Land.


The pediatric dentist we froze on was experienced and did a wide range of treatments, had expertise and  training in caring for child’s teeth, gums, and mouth. The first time we went to him with our baby he suggested that our child undergoes a dental exam, and the way in which he examined our kid we were assured and much relieved that this sugar land pediatric dentist was a good one and will  provide the best possible care.


He carried out the entire examination patiently. He has a way with kids and to see the way our kid cooperated during a dental exam, we sighed with relief. Pediatric dentists do really know how to examine and treat children in ways that make them comfortable!  Plus this pediatric dentist's clinic was so child friendly and looked kind of interesting that kids would never feel stress on entering the clinic. The pictures, toys, dental equipment, everything was  arranged and decorated with children in mind. We were so, so happy! The warm environment and expert team make every parent relax. Relieved is more appropriate an expression!


Our Expert Team

Dr. Gerald McGown

Dr. Vajahat Yar Khan

Dr. Liza Schevchenko